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Henry Miller wrote that “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” 

I am a retired teachers who loves to travel and learn.  I am always seeking a daily dose of learning and adventue.

My travels started long before this blog.  As a child we camped but did several long trips including Route 66. My Mother always kept a journal that served as source of settlement for many a family discussion about where did we go, what did we see. As teacher, I was lucky enough to go on several summer Fulbright Study Tours (Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Poland). These teacher tours always resulted in group journals that recorded the trip from multiple perspectives. For pleasure I have enjoyed Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, The Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Unfortunately I never kept journals on these trips, I have found that shared adventures have altered in scope and sequence over the years.    All my trips have resulted in deep learning, increased curiosity, a new way of seeing life and a sense of gratitude about my place in in this world.

My parents traveled many places in their retirement.  They have a large map in the family room that is studded with pins that mark all their journeys. Their life has been enriched by all these trips.

As a retired teacher I hope to travel many places, always with a desire to learn.  This blog is designed to share my learning with those who are interested.

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