the journey of a lifetime begins with a thirty hour flight

……. And a hell of a lot of work.

We have arrived at the beginning of our journey. There is evidence of flooding preparation but our hotel, along the river is dry, the ancient capital to the north is under three feet of water and may be completely lost.

Several people who flew in with us have traveled with VANTAGE TRAVEL and have assured us that we are in good hands. Some of these people were so relaxed about travel plans that they had no idea there was flooding.

Trip prep for me has been very difficult. Having begun the month of September determined to do some meaningful work before the trip, I have had my front yard dug up, a major sewer pipe replaced, reseeded the lawn, secured a loan, hired PODS and a moving company and emptied my house. I moved Lumos and her favorite chair to Battle Creek to stay with my sister. I plan on coming back to new floors, fresh paint and several improvements. It became clear during the packing process that I am a borderline hoarder, and one of the worst house cleaners in the world.

5:30 AM, OCTOBER 24,2011

3 thoughts on “the journey of a lifetime begins with a thirty hour flight

  1. Glad to hear you all arrived safely and seem to be in a good spot in regards to the flooding! Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Say Hi to my Mom!


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