The Boat

The Boat

The Boat

Today we had a five hour bus ride to the boat. The trip began with one unfortunate woman having to stop the bus twice because she was having gastrointestinal problems.

The sights along the road were amazing. The early rice crops are about ready to harvest. Many fields were destroyed by flooding. Another crop is lotus, the flowers are sold at temples, the seeds are a food product and they harvest fish from the rice paddies and the lotus ponds. Houses are built on silts and people live in two rooms during the rainy season. During the dry season people sleep below the house where it is cooler. They burn the rice straw to keep the mosquitoes away at night.

After a potty stop, where we had to walk across a narrow walkway to avoid flooding, our bus air conditioning died. People became very angry and the company had to send us a new bus.

We stopped at a stone cutters market, obviously souvenirs were out of the question.

We arrived at the boat hot and tired. The boat and cabins are lovely if you are not single and assigned to the lower deck. There was one double cabin left so I hooked up with another single woman. The service is fabulous, open honor bar, massage therapy and a gourmet cook who serves three fantastic meals a day. Off the boat the service for the group is also first class. When you leave the bus they give you cold water and when you return they give you more water and a cold compress. The guides are all very knowledgable.

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