Today was a much calmer day. No injuries, no hurrying and lot’s of free time to enjoy the view.

Zion has been carved and shaped by water. On a normal day 60 cubic feet per minute is the rate the water moves through the Virgin river. During times of flash flood and the spring rain that jumps to 300,000 cu feet per minute. The native Americans that lived here were aware of that pattern and stored and ground their grain way above the river.
As you travel through the park you experience many different ecosystems, deserts, woodlands and tundra like vegetation. Big horn sheep ( which Super Mario showed us on the route in) and California Condors which were both on the verge of extinction and are now rebounding in the park. Los Angeles zoo took the lead on the condor by tricking the birds in captivity. Condors usually lay one egg every other year, in captivity they boost that number to 4 by stealing the eggs from the nest.

During the first free time I took off on a hike up the mountain to the emerald pools. Halfway up, as my breathing rate increased, I remembered my own vulnerabilities and returned to the lodge. After our park tour Elaine Bennett (former aaps teacher) went with me. Thanks Elaine the view was worth the trip. Water falling from 100 feet into a pool and the rocks loaded with hanging gardens.

The Mormans settled this region. Their dream was to grow cotton, thus the land around the park is referred to as the Dixie Forest

Zion is an incredible sight and adventure. Pictures do it no justice. But here are a few attempts

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