Today is the last day of the trip. We drove to Montezuma Castle, the settlement of ancient farmers of the Verde Valley. This spot was reminiscent of Catalhoyuk in Turkey. These condo like structures were built in the side of the mountain, it was a hunter a hunter gather society. They abandoned these structures around 1400.

We stopped in the Old Town section of Scottsdale for lunch and more shopping (yawn).
We ate a restaurant that brews it’s own root beer.

I will be happy to resume my daily routine, Morning Joe, Chris Todd, Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow, exercise class and after school time with Drew. This trip did reaffirm that I should not buy an RV because the sheer drops off the side of the road and the hairpin curves are more than I can handle. I do need to find a way to travel in North America that allows me more freedom of choice. The tour is nice because you always have interesting conversations but the damn rules did thro me over the edge one day.

This is the last blog entry until January from Machu Picchu.


  1. Hmmm… fear of heights (I recommend you don’t hike the Inca Trail, either) and dislike of rules? That reminds me of … uh, me. But I am SO envious of your travels! How are you getting back?


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