Final Reflections / Hats off to Esther!!!

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.”

–Agnes Repplier,

American essayist

I have begun to classify the trips on my bucket list by the amount of strength and agility I perceive they will require.  I witnessed 2 parties that were eighty or older on this trip that taught me a lot about my future plans.

betty crab

betty crab

The one couple had obviously not read the travel material. Their clothing and shoes were inappropriate for the trip.  They were totally unprepared for the altitude and the wife became very sick because of the altitude.   I need to read every piece of information before a trip and I need to continue to consult doctors before

afternoon nap

afternoon nap


The altitude sickness was no joke.  It was not, as I heard my friends warn me,a matter of my asthma.  Even Maggie, who is more athletic than I will be in 10 lifetimes combined and lives in Denver was affected by the altitude.  The International Heath Medicine practice here in town gave me drugs to deal with the effects.  The drugs combined with the local coca leaves and tea were helpful.  Apparently altitude sickness affects your digestion and some of what we thought was travelers diarrhea was in-fact caused by the altitude and the quantity of food we were being “forced” to eat.

The other party was Esther, my new hero.  Esther is 85 and never missed a trick the entire trip.  She travels to many remote and exotic places, ( her next stop is a Bengal Tiger Reserve in India)  always reading before the trip, planning her simple wardrobe and rising to every challenge along the way.

I need to push myself both mentally and physically if I want to continue to travel.

My next stop is Iceland with Wendy Beckwith.  June – July.

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