I’m behind so I will try to catch up tonight.

Tues, July 2 2013
Snow is forecast for today. Iceland’s weather is a lot like Michigan, constantly changing, never what you expected. We have been very lucky, it has rained every night, a little each morning and partly cloudy the rest of the day. I haven’t had to wear my rain pants yet

At our stop on Monday our Tavel guide was given a survey on tourism in Iceland that he was to have us fill out. In discussing it with the agency that is giving the survey said that a significant number of tourist have no idea where they are!!!

Icelander love golf and fishing in the summer, in the winter a significant amount of time is spent in doors because of the short cold days. They spend a lot of money to make their houses comfortable. we have noticed that By our standards all the interiors are over heated. Historically the have not been eager adapters, until the Internet. They have wide access to the Internet( with the exception of the hotel we stayed in July 3, 4).

Their roads are not terribly wide, there are few scenic pull offs. All transportation is by truck, car, bus or bike. The major road that tourist use is called the ring road and it goes around the country. The citizens Are eager to make improvements, widen the roads make them tourist friendly because they would like to increase the rate of tourism to 1 million tourists by 2014 (it is currently at 500,000. There has been a steady increase over the last decade.)

We have seen plenty of waterfalls and there are many more to see. Tuesday was a long driving day. We stopped at many waterfalls. We ate lunch in a very remote area, the site of a farm and a small church built by a farmer to honor his wife. He put an alter, pews and and organon side and spent many hours there every day until he died. The current owner is building several pseudo sod buildings and a restaurant. The lamb stew severed was excellent, however I ended up with as much on my lap as in my stomach.

In the distance we saw what the Icelanders consider the most beautiful mountain, the Queen Mountain.

Our final destination was a lovely remodelled farm house on the edge of a lake. This is the best room of the trip.

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