Hong Kong

Hong Kong.

God.Bless Hong Kong with the western toilets and high pressure flushing, with high speed internet that is not blocked and curse it for it’s $9 coke and $13 cup of soup.

Entering Hong Kong is like entering a different country, as it was several years ago. The traffic is awful, the people on the streets are elegant and the cost of living is ridiculous. There is a new airport outside of town so The limit on sky scrapers height is no longer required. The buildings are raising fast and tall all over.

In the morning we traveled to Victoria Peak by funicular, it is a very step climb, so this mode of transportation is very popular. The peak is a very exclusive neighbourhood, for many years under British rule the Chinese were forbidden to live there. From the peak you can see the harbor, the boats and the ever increasing skyscrapers. Down the peak to repulse bay we dipped our hands into the South China Sea. Next was Aberdeen Village, home to the largest floating restaurant. We boarded a sampan for a ride Around the harbour that is packed with exclusive yachts and lowly fishing boats.

Out last buying adventure was at the Hong Kong Jewellery factory.

The afternoon is on our own, exploring local shops.

Tonight the farewell dinner and then a 4 am departure for the airport. Our flight will stop in Japan and then Detroit. I’m sure the next few days will be spent turning my body clock back 12 hours to eastern standard time. I am relishing a bowl of Greek yougart with honey nut Cheerios, an American pizza and a fried egg sandwich. I miss my family and friends, but most of all Drew and Brandy. When I recover I will start planning the next journey. Who is up forAlaska?, Australia? Or Africa? As always I have miles to walk and adventures to live.

Vantage and our guide Yanzhang have been remarkable. Eileen and I enjoyed every minute of the trip. We made many new friends but strengthened our friendship with fabulous memories and lot’s of laughs.








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