Agra is the home of the beautiful Taj Mahal. The love story behind the construction of mausoleum is beautiful. The mausoleum holds the body of the Queen and her King. It was built in memory of herby him so his position is subservient to hers. It is built of white marble with carvings and inlays throughout. If you are interested in the love story behind the Taj Mahal read Beneath a Marble Sky, by John Shor.

The first night in Agra we went to the gardens to photograph the the back of the hall. The next morning we walked to the main entrance early in the morning. There was a thick fog covering the city. It was not conducive to photography but the mood it created was romantic and memorable. It was if the heavens were embracing the site.

There have been several unusual weather events along our journey. The heavy rains of the summer monsoons are well known, the winters are bone dry. Three times since we arrived there have heavy rains, totally unexpected. We have had two flights delayed and one night of thunder that is a rarity here.

We drove back to Delhi and flew to Varanasi.

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