Susan Buchan, Cathy Campbell and I are on a Road Scholars Trip in Canada. We arrived in Quebec on Saturday. We checked into a lovely hotel inside the wall. Quebec is a World Heritage City because of it’s wall around a historic urban city. It is the only one north of Mexico City.

The main purpose of the trip is the St. Lawrence Seaway, Saguenay River and Tadoussac which comprise a whale sanctuary.

On Saturday we rambled aimlessly around the city. We were constantly lost, but we did find Hambourgini which according to Susan has the best Poutine.

Sunday we rented a car and drove to the Basilica of St. Anne De Beaupre. we attended mass and admired the beauty of the Basilica.

On the way back to Quebec we visited the copper museum.

Once back in town we gained our bearings and explored part of the town.

In the evening we met the rest of the members of the tour. Early Monday morning we had an official tour of historic Quebec. After lunch we were off to Taduossac with one stop at Morency Falls, 200 feet higher than Niagara.

Tadoussac is a quaint seasonal village, the hotel is delightful.

Tuesday morning we went on a whale watch, we spotted Beluga, Minkes and fin whales. It is nearly impossible to get a good photo of a whale.

Belugas are in this area permanently. Unfortunately the industrial runoff and hunting has driven them to near extinction. Because of the industrial pollution many of the carcasses of theses beautiful little whales have been considered hazardous waste material.

The other whales come here to feed in the summer. Sperm, Humpback and Blue are also seasonal visitors along with seals, and porpoises.

2 thoughts on “A WHALE OF A GOOD TIME

  1. I love your travel journeying and the great photos. How wonderful that you and your friends are so adventurous and continue to want to see the world.
    Ginny DiNovis


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