Today was the last day in Spain. We traveled to Gibraltar, captured by the Moors in 711AD it has had a long history of occupation. The Spanish took it from the Moors in 1492. Eventually, after several other backs and forth between invaders, the British gained full occupancy. It was an important stronghold during World War 2 allowing the Allies to hold the Mediterranean Sea.

The Brits have installed desalination and purifying plants that provide fresh water for the residence.

As I mentioned before the residents are very concerned about Brexit. It will require many changes in the money and residency of the non-brits who currently enjoy EU benefits.

We drove around the rock learning the history. We stopped at the natural caves. They had cut and polished a stalactite, I was surprised at the beauty.

World War2 tunnels were amazing. In anticipation of a war, they spent three years digging tunnels that could house the army base. It had water collection systems, barracks, cook centers, hospitals, and mechanical repair centers. It was capable of storing all the munitions. In the end, they never needed it.

There is a colony of monkeys on the rock that have made their way from Africa. Their health is monitored by the Veterinary Medicine center on the rock.

Because it is a British Colony we had fish and chips for lunch.

Tomorrow, we move on to Morocco.ffv

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