Gardens and Geisha


In Kanazawa, we visited the old quarters. This area is the quarter for the Geisha. These women are trained in song, music and conversation. The beauty of their gowns was hard to ignore.

At the hotel we had another “plated” meal that went on for seven courses. No course is large, the beauty is in the presentation and style. I would bet that each of these beautiful meals is fewer calories then any of us would consume at our favorite American Restaurant.

On Wednesday we went to the Kenrokeun Gardens is a recreation of the samurai past. The name means the gardens of the six qualities. Spaciousness, seclusion,antiquity, ingenuity, flowing water and views.

After the gardens we had free time for the rest of the day. We went to the 21st century contemporary art museum, very interesting pieces both inside and outside the museum.

I went with another woman to explore the downtown commercial area. Went went to the basement of Diwa and cruised the grocery store. Fresh fish and vegetable were beautiful, but honestly nothing familiar in the rest of the lower level.

The evening meal was on our own so we went to a Japanese Diner, seven stools at a bar and two small tables, obviously a family business. We watched our meal being cooked, Just like old Mel’s Diner on TV.

After dinner I returned to the shrine for the evening light show and concert in the garden. Serenity was all around us.

A morning walk to a 1583 Samurai house. Like all the traditional houses gardens with moss, running water and well trimmed trees were tucked in every corner, behind sliding rice paper doors.

As my father would have said, “Let us bid a fond farewell to lovely Kanazawa and look forward to the sea coast and Obama Japan.

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