The amazing views continue

July 4,5

We went to another water fall, the walk up and down was again fit for a mountain goat. Iwould tell you the name but our American ears are so out of tune with this language that we refer to the last big volcanoes as E16 because the name starts with an e that is followed by 16 letters

After the falls half the group continued up, over to the edge of the glacier and down to the bus where the less hearty of us waited. In the afternoon all of us went to the other side of the glacier bed.

My photos for today are a big disappointment, I went manual and overexposed them.

For our fourth celebration our leader hung an American flag which we drank a toast to.

We had another photo show and tell. I enjoy seeing the very artistic shots of the others but I am having a argument with myself as to the honesty of super editing with photoshop. I am not a photoshopper and am debating a jump into that world.

On Friday we drove among the glacier beds admiring their beauty and power. When a volcano erupts here the destruction often comes from the melting of the glacier and the release of underground water which sends torrents of water, sand and icebergs ripping through the countryside. Bridges and everything else in the path are destroyed. (One photo is of the remains of a bridge with the glacier behind.

This is also the land of the hidden people(trolls etc.). According to legend Eve had many children. She knew god was coming to visit and she only had time to bathe and dress a few. She hid the rest. God was not happy and punished her by hiding them forever… If God can not see these children then no one shall see them. There are hidden people churches and homes among the rocks. One 3 pointed rock was formed when three hidden people did not return home before sunrise.

Lunch was Anglican soup, made from the bight green native plant in the picture.

We stopped at the field of sand and I built a cairn for safe crossing.

After lunch it began raining very hard… Pay the piper time. We drove to one more waterfall and the cliffs to see the puffins.

1 thought on “The amazing views continue

  1. 3rd from the bottom pic is breathtaking – it really shows the stark beauty of the land. The bridge picture is also really nice, the larger curves in the picture bring me around to the details they are encompassing. I tend to agree with you on photoshop, it seems like cheating. Keep it old school!


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