Finishing the Ring Road

The last bit of the Ring Road is called the Golden circle. This became a bigger adventure for one individual than anticipated. The circle is also very close to Reykjavik so the number of tourists at sites has increased dramatically

The word geysir isIcelandic in origin, according to our guide. Our first stop was a geyser field. The oldest geyser, geysir has run out of steam and just bubbles and brews. The youngest one erupts every 7 minutes. ( sounds like real life). The colors, the steam and the whoosh sound of the eruption make a real sensory treat.

The next stop was another waterfall Gulifoss. This was originally on private land. The British power company wanted it for a generating plant but the family that owned it refused to sell, they fought for 3 generations and eventually donated it to the national park so everyone could enjoy it. The golden falls are among the most popular in Iceland.

The las stop was Thingvellir, this spot is where the original parliament met in 930 and for many years there after. They formed a Christian democratic society, developed a language and constitution. In June 1944 Iceland was declared an independent republic in this spot.

This also is another rift where the Eurasia and American plates are spreading. Other then the Rift Valley in Africa this is the only spot where there is visible evidence of the seafloor spreading on the surface. The plates are moving at 7 mm per year.

It is at this point where one of our more independent members left the group. We could see him high up on the ridge snapping pictures. He didn’t get back to the bus for over an hour. This caused great debates and conversations between the other participants.

On to Reykjavik.

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