This is a lovely city, we are in the city center close to the harbor. The weather has turned unpleasant, lots of rain, so we walk and explore when can and read the rest of the time.

Our hotel is right over the remains of the first settlement. This city dates back to 871. The remains of a long house are in the adjacent museum.

We walked along the harbor. The new opera house is stunning we walked around the outside and completely through the inside. It is designed to look and interact with light like a giant iceberg.

One of Iceland,s top artist has show in the opera house. Her message is about the fossils that we are leaving, the things that will tell our story to future generations. The foundation and inspiration of her medium is recycled material.

We climbed to the top of the cathedral and enjoyed the 360 degree view

By the harbor there is a lovely sculpture of a Viking boat.

The farewell dinner was last night and everyone but Wendy and I left at one pm. We will leave early tomorrow.

The souvenir shops are loaded with beautiful woolens, glass,pottery and art but I can’t afford it. This is the most expensive country I have ever traveled in.

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