Goodbye Iceland final reflection and post

This was a lovely trip. The weather was acceptable, the accommodations were comfortable, not luxurious, the company was great. I felt very safe here. I felt comfortable.

We ate so much wonderful soup that I considered using the title Soup to Nuts for this entry and talking about some of the nuts on this trip, however they all left yesterday and I find that actually miss many of them.

Roads Scholar was a very different trip than Vantage. The people on this trip were more flexible, more open to adventure, walking in the rain and carrying their own luggage. There were few souvenir shops and more natural unspoiled beauty. There was less space in rooms and more space outside.

I did miss people and market spaces that you see in more populated countries, souks, bazaars, farmers markets were not part of this trip.

I have a great Icelandic mystery to read on the plane, but I have closed the book on this trip.
I will soon be sending out an email…… Single retired teacher seeking adventure, my bags are packed, call if you are willing to travel.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Iceland final reflection and post

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog Linda. I think your photos are excellent and the whole presentation is very professional! It was like taking our trip to Iceland all over again, except you saw more than we did and now I want to go again!


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