Yellowstone, Learning and Yearning.

I have delayed writing about my last trip, part procrastination and part the ability to better display my pictures when this posted from home rather than on the road.

I always believed that Roosevelt was the creator of the park, but that is wrong, it was President Ulysses S. Grant . It was the first national park in the U.S. and perhaps the world. My parents brought the family to the park in 1963 for the traditional drive through tour, Mule deer, Elk and sighting of Old Faithful. One day does no justice to the park. The week I spent there this year barely scratches the surface of it’s grandeur.

When I retired I planned on reading, gardening, learning and traveling. I dreamed of buying a motor home and traveling by myself for a year. Somewhere between dreaming and signing the check, I sobered up and realized I didn’t have the courage to be alone, drive through mountain passes and across bridges. At the same time my daughter moved back to Ann Arbor with her son. I knew spending time with him was not only a good cover for my lack of courage, it was also one of the best gifts a person can have, a grandson to adore and spoil.

If you have read my blog you know I have traveled. I also garden, read and learn many new things. Ann Arbor Recreation, Washtenaw Community College and the public library have been excellent resources. Road Scholar has been the best learning adventure. The trip to Yellowstone was taught by Meg Sommers (, a nature photographer. I learned a lot, what I really learned is I have so much more to learn. Here is a fraction of the pictures I took.

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone, Learning and Yearning.

  1. Beautiful photography! I love the steam rising. I think your priorities regarding travel and family are perfectly in order. Even w/o the motor home you’ve had some great trips.


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