The Great Wall

Beijing- Oct 7, 2014

After a melatonin fix I slept like a baby.

Today we went to the Great Wall, the only man made structure that the astronauts can see from space. It would stretch across the entire continental United States.
The wall began as a series of battlements but with the unification of China by Qin Shi in 220 BC the wall was unified.It was built to accommodate 5 horses riding abreast. The battlements were placed two arrow shots apart. The incline is incredible, perhaps as much as 45 degrees in some spots as it snakes across the steep mountains. During the 13th century the Mongals breeched the wall. The Manchu breeched it later. The majority of the wall is crumbling, several places have been restored. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

We visited the Badaling section. The walk left me breathless, we did not make it to the battlement.

We had a photo op ( drive by shooting) of the Olympic Village. The air was hazey and the view was not really clear enough for a good shot.

China started making great progress after 1980. Life improved for many people as the technology increased. Within Beijing the number of cars, (1000/day) television sets and housing has grown rapidly. At one point they issued motorcycles permits but there was a high fatality rate so they zare no longer permitted. I am sure that we will see more bicycles later., but the vision of hundreds of bicycles no longer exists.
Young bides measure their future husbands by the five c’s, credit,condominiums,career,car and cash<
Our view of the houtang showed showed that life is comfortable for many but this is not a classless society.

When we are not with group we have been advised to eat in the hotel because of the water quality.













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