Game Run 1

Lord Delemere was mentioned in all the books I read about Kenya. He was a politician, horse breeder and experimental farmer in colonial Kenya. The hotel we are in is built on some of his land.

Early in the morning we left for our first game run – baboons, warthogs, water bucks, buffalo, brown faced monkeys,rhinoceros, zebra, Thomson gazelle, were among the animals we saw grazing at Nakuru National Park. It was an amazing sight.

This morning ( 10-10, Friday) we drove back to Nairobi on the high road over the Rift Escarpment. It was a startlingly different view of Kenya than the trip out of Nairobi. On the way out poverty was evident, men standing by the roadside with shovels hoping to get a job shovelling sand into trucks coming from Nairobi construction sites. On the high road today we saw men and women engaged in profitable agriculture. Sheep, goats, cows, chickens, cabbage,carrots, potatoes and tomatoes for sale in market stands. People clearing fields and spreading compost preparing for new crops. Lumber yards and furniture makers making use of the ample conifers growing at this altitude. The plots are small because of several generations of inheritance.

This afternoon we went to the National museum. We are waiting for others to join our group.





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