Across the Seregeti to Kirwira

Not many days until we leave and we are trying to squeeze every unique animal sighting and picture opportunity in. The first few days we were so amazed that we would yell Cmama ( telling the driver to stop) every few yards. We have many shots of elephants, zebras and wildebeests. Now we are willing to ride farther for one great shot. Today that great shot was a leopard mother and baby each sunning in different spots on a large rock encropment. We had passed this spot before looking for the cats and saw nothing but today the mother stole the babies from owl nest. The mother owl’s crying drew attention to the spot and attracted several safari jeeps.

Our hotel the next two nights is luxury safari tents at Kirawira in the Serengeti. These are actual tents furnished with desks, armours covered with leather, brass and monograms. The service at the main dinner tent is like the old British safari style. At night you can here lions roaring in the distance.







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