Balloon Ride Over the Serengeti

We left the hotel at 5am. We arrived at a large empty field and watched our balloon being inflated. This was my maiden voyage but I remember Mom and Dad saying it was the all time favourite activity on there all time favourite trip. It was a must do for me.

Seeing the Serengeti from above is an awesome sight. With the recent rains many of the animals are gathering to cross the rivers and plains in search of fresh grazing lands. The Wilde beasts lines appeared to be miles long. The pilot said when the migration is in full swing the plains are covered with wall to wall animals. As we went over the river we could see the pods of hippos in the water.

When we landed we toasted wth the traditional glass of champagne. We were transported to an elegant picnic breakfast, traditional English food which was served by our Nubian waiter just as they would have served British hunters on a safari. It is hard to imagine the servants of long ago transporting all the China, crystal, cooking equipment, bedding, clothing and food so the hunters could eat and sleep in style.

In the afternoon we went to see Lake Victoria, second only to Lake Superior in size. It used to boost hundreds of breeds of fish. Somehow tilapia was introduced and the Nile Perch, as they call it, has taken over the lake. They are enormous in size. Lake Victoria is Spring feed and much shallower then Lake Superior.



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