In a Land Down Under

We finally made it. It’s Friday morning here, 72 and rainy. My sympathies in advance for the Friday you are expecting.

Tuesday and Thursday were gruelling. A near accident on the the way to the airport, but Maggie’s daughter’s common sense and cool head prevailed. Good job Kelly.

Waiting in Detroit airport, flying to Los Angels, waiting in their airport for eight hours, a fifteen hour flight to Sydney, 3 hours in that airport and finally 3 hours to Auckland New Zealand. It was so boring that Wednesday bailed at the dateline, we will pick her up on the way back. It was so boring that after reading, games, and eating I reverted to watching cooking shows. Neegla Lawson is my new hero, I am craving Queens Pudding, Middle Eastern Nachos and toasted Brie and fig sandwiches. In addition to Neegla the other trip Savior was our new TRTL head supports for sleeping – pictures to be included on a future post.

Today We are off to explore Auckland. Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “In a Land Down Under

  1. Sounds like all the fun stuff is yet to come! Can’t wait for all the great dishes you’ll make when you get back! Another snow day for A2 tomorrow!


  2. Looking forward to your supreme photos – and seeing the trtl thing in action (as I have been intrigued by the ads). Have fun in the sun!


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