Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It is a lovely harbour city. The harbour drains into the Tasmanian Sea and the Pacific. The cost of living is very high, an average home is around one million dollars. The harbour is filled with large personal boats, 1 in every four owns a boat.

We spent drizzly morning driving around the town. We stopped at a memorial garden that was in full bloom, how nice it was to see the fresh flowers.

The main stop was the War Memorial Museum to see a cultural presentation about the Maori, the indigenous people. Like the Native Americans they were pushed aside by the European Settlers. They try to keep the cultural alive. There are three large language groups in New Zealand, English, sign and Maori. Only the English and sign are legally recognised by the government. Kiaura is the all purpose greeting used by the Maori.

We took the afternoon ferry to Davenport, a small island. We climbed to the highest point on the island to enjoy the view. We shopped at the local craft shops.

The evening was a Welcome dinner and a chance to sign up for optional tours. Tomorrow we fly to the South Island.

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