Blown away to balse

Our last stop,Masa Mara, Kenya. The ride here from the border was one of the worst,miles of unpaved roads. At one point we got a flat tire. All the luggage had to be unloaded, we stood on the side of the road while the tour guide and three drivers changed the tire in a flash. While they were working we became the circus that came to town. Children came from everywhere. the more pictures we took and showed them with our iPhones the more kids that ran down the road and stood in line.

When we arrived at our hotel we unloaded then jumped back into the cruisers for a game drive. We saw elephant families, wildebeest, giraffe but by now it has to be pretty special for us to stop. We are looking for lions, leopards, rhinos or a kill. This park did not disappoint. Over three game drives we have seen a lion eating a zebra, lions engaged in mating ritual ( the female became bored with the males lack of decisive action. She walked off and he eventually followed.). We have seen newborn warthogs and colourful birds.

The biggest treat was a surprise champagne breakfast, served by a hippo pool.

We are flying out today, we have an eight hour drive to Nairobi followed by overnight thirteen hours of airport and flight time.

I wish I had seen flamingos and more rhinos but I have a camera loaded with memories. This is the only trip outside the states that I would unflinchingly repeat.